Revenge Cheating BF Shit Tummy efrolesbians - (2021/HD/Scatshop)

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Duration: 00:15:43
Quality: HD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 268 MB

Name: Revenge Cheating BF Shit Tummy - efrolesbians
PaySite: Scatshop
Year: 2021
Genres: lesbian scat, toilet slave, scat porn

Background – you are friends but 1 of you has slept with the others husband and now she has found out so she decides to take her revenge on what is now her ex friend.Clothes – You both wear ballet flats, black nylon pantyhose, skirts, white knickers, bras and t shirts.Scene 1 you have spiked the cheats drink and now she is docile. you remove her t shirt and comment that she smells of bo and that you bet when she slept with your husband that she was all fresh and dodorised, you then remove her bra and feel her tits and say that they are all sweaty, You then remove her ballet flats and comment that her feet stink and that you bet she had clean feet when she slept with your husband. You then remove her pantyhose and then pullherknickers down where you notice that she has discharge in the gusset of her knickers, you then note that she has a dirty ass so you pull her knickers back up and push them into the butt cheeks of the cheater and you give her a skidmark before removing her knickers and commenting that not only are you a cheating skank but a cheating skank with a dirty ass and a rotten fanny.Scene 2 you then lie her down on the ground and you bring your skirt pantyhose and knickers down you then squat over the cheat and say that as hse done the dirty on you it is only fair that you do the dirty on her you then have a dump on her belly and pull up your knickers and pantyhose and your skirt. You then say that if she ever looks at your husband again you will do the same to her but next time shit on her face.You then leave her with your turd on her belly Bonus Scene / Blooper Small Round Turds

Revenge Cheating BF Shit Tummy efrolesbians - (2021/HD/Scatshop)
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