Lovely dirty games with shit in bath Mistress - (2021/HD/Scatshop)

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Duration: 00:24:38
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Name: Lovely dirty games with shit in bath - Mistress
PaySite: Scatshop
Year: 2021
Genres: lesbian scat, toilet slave, scat porn

I love dirty games. But even more I love dirty games with shit in the bath. I give myself an enema right in the ass with a hose, shit under the water, shit in a bathing suit and smear myself shit, sit in a tub of dirty shit water. The smell of shit hovers around and I enjoy inhaling this stench. It is so good, so exciting, and I will do it again and again.1. Shit bath, taking care of my bodyA slave must look after his Mistress. Give me a foot massage, Shoe me, kiss my feet. It's taking care of me and my body. Just like a tub of shit. I like to shit in the bath and put shit on my body. Sit in a tub of smellywaterenjoying the aroma. It feels so good, it's so exciting. 2. Launch shitty torpedoes in slave mouthWell shit eater, you're gonna be diver today. Dive into the tub and catch my shit coming out of ass, I don't want to get out. Oh, how good to shit under water. My brown torpedo is going into battle, catch it with your mouth. See how she big and sharp it is. Bite it and eat it, it's your Breakfast. 3. My morning cleansing enemaThis wonderful morning I decided to clean my tummy and pour in me many water. I can feel my stomachfillingup, it's bursting. And that's from ass breaks the stream of shit and water. What a relief. In tub, shit floats, his smell envelops, fills. And I pour into myself down more and more water.

Lovely dirty games with shit in bath Mistress - (2021/HD/Scatshop)
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