Message in a bottle scatdesire - (2021/HD)

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Duration: 00:12:51
Quality: UltraHD/2K
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 1.38 GB

Name: Message in a bottle - scatdesire
Year: 2021
Genres: dirty anal, big shit pile, eat shit

You and I are having a delightful afternoon hiking on the river together. We are having some a intimate time with each other - that is somewhat public - to try to get some exercise after eating and aa holding for you for 3 days. The exercise gives us the desired result: me having to take a HUGE dump on the river bank. First I have to pee really bad lol. I start off by peeing for you. I get some pee on the aaa a ground! Then, I get into position to poop for you. It is really big and pushing against my butt hole. I aa have to push really hard and grunt and moan. Then I push the shit out of me into the bottle, insert a note into it and throw the bottle into the river. Let the one who finds this bottle read the message and eat all the crap.

Message in a bottle scatdesire - (2021/HD)
Categories: Shitting
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