Now toilet, we'll use you, eat shit Mistress - (2021/HD/Scatshop)

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Now toilet, we'll use you, eat shit Mistress - (2021/HD/Scatshop)

Duration: 00:37:32
Quality: HD
Format: MPEG-4
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Name: Now toilet, we'll use you, eat shit - Mistress
PaySite: Scatshop
Year: 2021
Genres: lesbian scat, toilet slave, scat porn

My live toilet came to me before my birthday. We with slave girl will be use it all this days as toilet bowl and have much fun. Shit, piss, vomit, snot, everything will only go into his mouth. It's his first day as toilet, tomorrow is my birthday and guests come to me, my girlfriends are coming, he will eat shit from 4 women 1. Toilet party, using toilet slave and toy I have holiday of body and soul. My beauty slavegirl Maya and my toilet bowl-shiteater came to me. This fucker will serve us as toilet for three days. And now we're going to have little fun with him. We drank tea, ate, and prepared to shitinhismouthtomorrow. Right now, we really want to piss. Maya was the first to Crouch over his mouth. He holds funnel with his teeth and must quickly swallow all urine in order to have time and not spill. Torrent of golden urine gushed into his mouth. The toilet quickly swallows, tries to catch up. Well done, he drank it all, even though it was his first experience. Now it's my turn. I sit down and start pissing. The slavebeginsswallow, drinks, chokes, and drops funnel. Oh, you toilet schmuck! I will punish you for this, but later. Now lick my slavegirl pussy. She will smoke and shake ashes in your mouth. Lick her pussy like you've never licked before in your life, satisfy her with your filthy tongue, and be happy that you're allowed to. Yes, well done, she cum. And now you're going to be punished, schmuck! Why did you spill my urine? Here you go slaps on the face. Crawl to your seat, crawl to the toilet, I'm going put your head in it. You'll know how to maked mess 2. Now I am Mistress, drink piss, eat shit I am your Mistress now.Mrs.Nataliagavemepermission use you how toilet bowl. I'm going piss in your mouth and you're going eat my shit. And then you will lick, lick my ass, my pussy, kiss and lick my shoes. I'm going flogged your, whipped, your ass is going to burn

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