Dirty extravaganza in birthday, entertain us, toilet Mistress - (2021/SD/Scatshop)

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Dirty extravaganza in birthday, entertain us, toilet Mistress - (2021/SD/Scatshop)

Duration: 01:03:44
Quality: SD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 1.75 GB

Name: Dirty extravaganza in birthday, entertain us, toilet - Mistress
PaySite: Scatshop
Year: 2021
Genres: lesbian scat, toilet slave, scat porn

Happy birthday to me! Today is my day, my holiday, today we will have dirty fiesta, I called my girlfriends and slaves.Come on toilet schmuck congratulate me, sing dance and cheer us up, today you must entertain us. Why didn't you give me flowers on your hands and knees right on the doorstep? Slap you in face with the flowers. For this, I will fuck you in the mouth and ass with this black long cock, clear your throat so that you can better eat our shit. Open your fucking mouth, here's dick up to your tonsils. It wents in mouth on 30 centimeters, you that here without me dicks sucked chmoshnik, trained. What you shake your head, make excuses, mean nothing. Here's dick in the ass for lying. What "OOPS" the mouth developed, but ass not prepared for Mistress, this is good, I get even more pleasure from your squeak. Well, it's time to shit, now you're going to eat all our shit, drink urine and everything we give you. Eat the shit of my slave girl Maya, see how kind I am, see how much she peed, you will wash down shit with urine. And now Angie, piss directly into his mouth through funnel, shit in him. Now get ready eat my royal shit, chew it, eat it all, you jerk, schmuck and toilet for 4 women's. You finished eat my shit, well done, Lana have a surprise for you, liquid diarrhea. Don't wince, bitch, eat it, I'll still pour it all into you! Ugh, what slob you are, you spilled piss and shit, puked, now we're going to collect it all with rag and pour it into your dirty mouth. You're not just shit eater and toilet bowl anymore, you're dirty slop. What mess, look what dirty rag, there is shit, and urine, and dirt, and hair, UGH. open your mouth, this is now also your responsibility, swallow all this filth. Now sing little pig song, come on. What are you beeping there, we clear your throat with a brush. Come on, sing along, you're the "cocksucker shit-eating choir" today. You're not nightingale, you're bear. You have no hearing, no voice. But we still had a good time with you, toilet schmuck

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